Funding reports available

There is more money available than you realise! As if confirmation was required, today we issued a funding report for a local football organisation. They approached us looking for advice on how to increase the level of grant aid they have been able to access. After a bit of work we identified sixty-one practical opportunities to secure grants of between £100 and £250,000 for a range of projects. Not only were we able to give them details of potential funders, we provided them with really valuable tactical advice on how to manage the bidding process and what specific funders might find attractive.

Our funding reports are able to detail funds that can potentially be accessed by the following types of organisation:

  • Charitable incorporated organisations,
  • Charitable trust or foundations,
  • Community association or group (such as a sports club or most residents associations),
  • Community interest company,
  • Co-operative or mutual,
  • Independent school,
  • Industrial provident society,
  • Parish council,
  • Registered charity,
  • Registered social landlord or housing association,
  • Research institution,
  • Social enterprise,
  • Social firm,
  • Voluntary and community organisation.

Sport England and the Football Foundation are NOT the only funders sports groups should consider applying to.

Get a funding report for your organisation

Why not help your group access the funds needed to reach the next level by asking us to create you a bespoke funding report. Your report is unique to your individual needs and circumstances and costs just £150 at present. Reports can normally be done quite quickly. After that its up to you, you can go ahead and make your own bids, or alternatively we offer a range of great value support depending on your specific needs:

  • you can ask us to provide some focused and high quality training for whoever will write your bids,
  • you can write your own bids and then ask us to review and edit them to help fine tune them prior to submission. This approach can help avoid some of the common errors made by less experienced bid writers,
  • or we can take the lead on preparing your bid for you.

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