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Our Fees

We make every effort to ensure our fees are affordable.

Our Success Club (see this page for details) offers fantastic value and where an organisation thinks it may want to work with us over a longer period the 15% discount membership provides on our consultancy rates quickly makes joining a sensible option.

Where a client wants to commission a programme of work involving multiple activities or several bids we can offer an interest-free payment plan to help spread the cost over an agreed number of months.

We will always seek to offer a guaranteed fixed fee based quote so that you have full cost certainty from the outset. In every case, our goal is to offer you a great service at the best possible price.

Our first meeting is always a free initial discovery meeting. This lets you meet us and ask any questions you may have and lets us learn about you, your organisation and your specific needs and determine if we are the right people to help. You can book a free initial discovery meeting via the button below

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Consultancy rate
(Exc. VAT)
Success Club members rate
(Exc. VAT)
Success Club membership/month N/A £30
Funding report & follow up £465 £395
½ day Training (for 6 places) £385 £325
Bid writing/day £415 £350
System use
Setup help/day
Email link up.
½ day training
£65/m or £900 pa
Bid review (1/2 day) £210 £175
Impact resources/month £20 Free
General consultancy/day £415 £350
Crowdfunding campaign design/management £885 £750
Evidence of Need or Case for Support £1,000 £850
Groups (max 4 participants)

Once you accept our quote, the fee is fixed unless you request a significant change to the scope of the work required.

Before any work commences, we will provide a firm fixed price quotation. Once the quotation is accepted this fee will not change unless you change your requirements, or you defer placing a firm order for more than 3 months.

Because we offer a fixed fee approach you should never get an unexpected bill. This also ensures you always know what our fees will be at the start of any project and have a clear understanding of what this includes.

Should you want to alter your requirements we will provide a revised quote. Any change in your fees will require you to approve this ahead of our expanding the scope of our work. This ensure that you always remain fully in control of what you are spending

For most projects, fees are normally paid in two or more instalments, the first of which is due on appointment and the last instalment on completion of the agreed work.
For larger projects, our fees can be split up over a number of monthly payments through an agreed payment plan, making it easier for you to budget.

Where we expect to incur expenses such as mileage/travel or payments to third parties, an estimate of these will be set out in advance for your approval.

All prices are plus VAT charged at 20%

Electronic invoices will be issued by email at the frequency agreed. We have a strong preference for electronic payment and can accept BACS or Direct Debit payments via Go Cardless. If you are unable to use these methods then payment by cheque can be accepted with our prior agreement.

For bespoke funding reports all invoices are payable immediately on receipt. For all other invoices 14 day payment terms apply.

Please note that any late payments will attract additional charges and may ultimately result in court action.

A 'no win no fee' service is sometimes offered by companies providing similar services to ourselves, especially around the development of grant bids. This not a service we offer or indeed believe is ethical. Superficially this may appear to be an attractive option, however, there are a number of issues around this approch that potential applicants should be aware of:

  • Companies offering a 'no win no fee' arrangement are taking a significant risk. You will be charged heavily for this if successful, normally through a large percentage based fee based on any funding secured. These fees can be in the 10-20% range, which can result in a huge final bill. Our fees, although payable whatever the result, are also much lower.

  • 'No win no fee' services typically limit their work to the minimum inputs possible and require you to do a lot. This leaves applicants struggling to manage the complex project development process with limited support. We believe it is impossible to completely separate these without harming the scheme, so we are always available to help and advise you as needed within our fees.

  • Importantly many funding bodies no longer allow you to include bid writing consultants fees as an eligible project cost. This means that should you use a no win no fee service and secure the funding, you will have to find a large fee from sources completely outside of any grant or match funding associated with it. Our fees are paid in stages as you go so you never end up with a huge bill.

  • As with any 'no win no fee' service, companies who offer this are looking for 'easy wins' with the minimum of work involved. The easiest projects for them are when they can keep reusing and slightly adapting previous bids. This means that if successful your project is unlikely to properly reflect your needs and aspirations.


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