Social Media Marketing

Social media is an increasingly necessary resource for not-for-profits. Your online presence can be a major tool in connecting with supporters, beneficiaries, or staff. Whether you want to fundraise, spread awareness, or recruit new staff, a good social media presence will make it that much easier. At Heaward Solutions, we offer bespoke social media marketing from people who know the not-for-profit sector.

What we offer:

Strategy Development : The first step to success is a well-thought-out strategy. If you are a beginner with social media, our strategy development service would be a great way to start. After we have an initial discussion, we will produce a full report outlining an effective social media strategy and your next steps.

Audience Building (paid-ad management) : Connect with the people that matter most with our Audience Building service. A consistent social media presence is excellent, but it’s only effective if the right audience sees it. Our Audience Building package will grow your audience over a 3-month period using Facebook and Instagram ads. Provide us with an ad spend and a goal, and we’ll do the rest!
You can add this to our Social Media Management package or use it alongside your organic content strategy.

Focused Campaign Management (paid ad and organic management) : Looking to promote an event, recruit volunteers, or share a Crowdfunding campaign? Our Focused Campaign Management package will take over your socials to complete a specific goal. It includes both the creation of organic content and the management of a paid ad campaign.

Social Media Management : Do you already have an audience online but no time to keep them engaged? Our bespoke Social Media Management package does the work for you. It will provide your organisation with high-quality, consistent, and well-researched content. With customised graphics, thoughtful captions, or informative blog posts, we’ll get to know your organisation and tailor content that is meaningful for your cause.

Use Our Resources : We have created a high quality studio space within our offices that allow us to record professional video and audio content for use on social media. These can be made available for use by our clients for a small fee. Please contact us for a quote.

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