Experience the transformative power of our Insight app, as it redefines the landscape of monitoring and evaluation in the not for profit sector.

Insight is a flexible and robust tool for monitoring and evaluation, designed to enhance the efficiency of your data collection, analysis, and reporting. It also provides live dashboards that offer invaluable management information. Whether you are overseeing projects, carrying out research, or implementing development initiatives, Insight equips you with the ability to make informed, effortless and effective data-driven decisions.

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Key Features of INSIGHT

All Four Dimensions are Covered

Insight is unique in effectively capturing input, output, outcome and impact data, ensuring that you have all of the information you need to both monitor and manage your work on a day to day basis and then effectively evaluate and report on your results.

Streamlined Data Collection

Ditch paper forms and manual entry and get your team to capture data securely on a range of digital devices including any smartphone, ensuring effective real-time data collection in the field. Customise forms to fit your needs and gather accurate data effortlessly.

Centralise and Manage Data Effectively

Experience the convenience of centralised data management. Store, organise, and access all your data securely in one place, eliminating painful transcription, inconsistent data, scattered spreadsheets and fragmented sources. Enjoy the benefits today!

Robust Analytics and Live Reporting

Leverage our powerful analytics and reporting tools to gain valuable live insights from your data. Easily visualise trends, detect patterns, and track your progress toward your commitments and goals. Generate comprehensive reports effortlessly, saving you time and effort.

Collaborative Workflows

Take referrals, and promote collaboration among team members, stakeholders, and partners with our app. Enable seamless data collection, and task assignment to facilitate smooth communication and effective collaboration throughout the monitoring and evaluation process.

Data Security, Reliability and Compliance

Safeguarding your data is our top priority. We prioritise the security and privacy of your information by employing industry-standard encryption and secure access controls. Our app is hosted on reliable servers, guaranteeing high availability and data integrity. Insight is also designed to ensure that all data collected is GDPR compliant.

Why Choose Insight?

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User Friendly Interface

Our app is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. You don't need to be a tech expert to leverage its powerful features. Save time and reduce the learning curve with a quick and easy setup process. Of course, if you want some extra help we can also provide this.

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Flexible and Customisable

Link data to funding sources such as grants and sponsorship enabling easy project management and reporting for funders. Adapt the app to meet your unique requirements. Customise data collection forms, add your own KPIs, analytics dashboards, and reporting templates to align with your specific needs and workflows.

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Cost Effective

We understand the pressure placed on budgets for most not for profits. Our app offers flexible pricing plans, ensuring that organisations of all sizes, from small NGOs to large enterprises can access a market-leading monitoring and evaluation solution.

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Dedicated Support

Our team is dedicated to your success. We provide comprehensive support throughout your journey, from onboarding to ongoing assistance. Reach out to our experienced support team for prompt and reliable assistance whenever you need it.

Sign up for Insight today and see firsthand how our app can transform your monitoring and evaluation.

Standard Subscription

Insight has no complicated per-user fees, instead, there are two simple ways to purchase:

1) A low-cost recurring monthly subscription of £80 per month based on a 12-month minimum commitment

2) A one-off payment of £850 provides access to INSIGHT for a full 12 months.

Subscribe as a Staffordshire-based organisation

Insight has been developed in partnership with Staffordshire County Council and Staffordshire University, as a result, we offer special discounted rates for Staffordshire-based not-for-profit organisations. Contact us for details at insight@heawardsolutions.co.uk

For some organisations subscribing to our success club may offer better value as this includes access to Impact along with several other valuable benefits for just £30/month +VAT. You can check out Success Club here.

How to Get Started

You can set up and start using Insight as soon as you subscribe, but if you want a little extra help we can provide this:

For those organisations who with the help of our user guides are happy configuring Insight ‘in house’ there are no setup costs.

Some organisations will, however, prefer for system emails sent by Insight to their staff and service users to come from an email address owned by their organisation, there is a small one off setup fee of £190 to cover the cost of linking Insight to your email system.

For those who would require more comprehensive support to get Insight fully setup, for £595 one of our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that Insight is implemented in the best way possible to suit your specific needs.


If you or your staff need some help in learning how to get the most out of INSIGHT, we are happy to help. Costs for this will depend on the extent of the support you want, these can range from a relatively brief free chat to the delivery of more formalised training which is based on a rate of £385/day.


This will vary depending on how large the range of activities you need to monitor and evaluate is. In most cases, it should be possible to get Insight up and running with 1 or 2 days work. If you have an existing M&E framework or tools setting up insight is likely to be a bit quicker/easier and require less support from our team than for organisations who don’t, however, both situations can be accommodated.

The tools needed for every organisation to effectively evaluate its outcomes and impact vary significantly, as a result, these are not provided within the system, but it's easy to implement most existing academically evaluated monitoring and evaluation tools or design your own to work within Insight.

All users must be registered, and Insight provides full transparency about who has done what.

All data added to Insight is either done on an anonymous basis or done after securing a fully GDPR compliant consent. User data is stored securely in the system and only the users you authorise can access your organisation's data. This is further protected through the use of access levels that ensure your authorised staff and volunteers can only see the user data they need.

We already have a list of things we plan to add to the system over the coming weeks and months and updates are made to Insight frequently. Insight also provides a useful integrated feedback tool that allows users to report issues or suggest ideas. As applicable, using this either triggers support from our team or adds your idea to our list of possible changes and improvements - This list is reviewed regularly and work is prioritised based on how simple/complex an idea is to implement and also what will be most useful to the biggest number of Insight users. Due to the way Insight has been developed we are often able to make simple changes within a few days and even more complex improvements can often be done in weeks not months.

When you subscribe to Insight you can do so based on either a recurring monthly or annual payment option. Monthly payments offer the greater flexibility, but annual payments equate to a lower cost over time. You can cancel your subscription at any point and your next payment will not be taken however, no refunds will be made for any subscription already paid for beyond the date of cancellation.

You will be given a little time to download your data, after this it will be permanently deleted from Insight and cannot be recovered.

Please email us at insight@heawardsolutions.co.uk if you have any further questions. We are also happy to arrange a live demonstration of the system on request.

For some organisations subscribing to our success club may offer better value as this includes access to Impact along with several other valuable benefits for just £30/month +VAT. You can check out Success Club here.