Funding is often a challenge for community organisations. Our new free guide to income generation for sports clubs and community groups is the first in a series of free and practical ‘no strings’ guides. These aim to give a useful starting point for sports clubs and community groups looking to take action on a range key topics. Whether you are looking to improve your facilities, fund a new activity programme or just make sure that you generate enough money to keep the doors open this guide should help!

Working with us on any one of a number of key areas you will receive one to one support and the best possible advice, all delivered in a way that makes it as easy as possible for you and your organisation to benefit. We strive to give great value for money and exceed your expectations, most importantly everything we do is based on helping you get where you want instead of taking you where others might like you to go.

The content provided is based on well over 20 years of experience across the sector and seeks to offer a useful and easy to use introduction as well as offer some practical suggestions and key resources for clubs to use. As with almost any short guide it should only be considered as an introduction to the topic, It won’t make you an overnight expert and it won’t solve all of your challenges, but it should help to get you off on a good footing.

We wish you every success in your organisations journey to increase your income and would be delighted to hear about how you get on.

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