Protection from COVID-19

This statement describes how Heaward Sports Ltd. (trading as Heaward Solutions) is reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the foreseeable future, all meetings will be conducted via the telephone or online, ensuring all parties are protected from COVID-19 risks and reducing our impact on the environment. Where meetings cannot be held online for example where a site meeting is required that photographic or video content cannot replace, we will attend face to face meetings. In these situations, we will respect the 2-meter social distancing rules at all times. Both personal protective equipment and hand sanitiser will be used by all parties as required. Where possible meetings will be held outdoors, and the duration minimised.

Supplies and Services:

  • Where we procure services from an associate all communication will be done online, and no hard copy data circulated. All associates are required to comply with our COVID-19 statement.
  • All supplies will be purchased online and delivered via a contact-free method.

Other Actions:

  • At all times we will monitor and respect the differing restrictions applicable to each of the home nations.
  • Outside of these arrangements, we will adhere and react in accordance with UK government guidance.

What Clients Say