RLT receives its second pledge of support

The Garfield Weston Foundation is the second charitable funder to offer a £5k pledge towards the Rudyard Lake Trusts (RLT) canoe store and watersports project.

Some months ago HeawardSports Ltd. helped the Rudyard Lake Trust prepare a series of funding bids to help support the cost of creating a new canoe store, workshop, launching improvements and the purchase of new canoeing equipment for use at this stunningly beautify Staffordshire lake. Two of these have now been successful and a final decision is awaited on several others.

The Garfield Weston Foundation, one of the UK’s largest charitable trusts, have kindly agreed to make a pledge of £5,000 towards the development of the new Canoe Store and workshop at the Trust's Lakeside Activity Centre.

The importance of the pledge
The funds will only be released once the Rudyard Lake Trust can show that it has secured the overall funding needed to deliver the project. The Trust now has two years to drawdown contributions from both charitable trusts. As with the Bernard Sunley Foundation who was the first funder to pledge their support, The Garfield Weston Foundations pledge is more meaningful than its £5k value suggests, as it provides a powerful signal to other funders that this is a worthwhile project that they too should consider supporting.

About the project
The Trusts project will deliver a much-needed extension to the rear of the activity centre to provide a workshop for the Trusts volunteers and a dedicated canoe store that will be used by both the Trust and the local canoe club Potteries Paddlers to store equipment used on s ite. Once complete the project will also improve launching canoe/kayak facilities including those for people with a disability and provide a small fleet of hire sit on top kayaks and stand up paddleboards for use by the public at the lake.

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